Reiki Level 2

Class Description

This class expands upon the teachings of Reiki Level One. Level Two Reiki provides the use of symbols that increases your flow of energy, provides mental and emotional healing, and empowers the sending of healing energy across time and space. This class introduces new healing techniques and will help you to further develop your intuitive skills. Reiki Level Two will increase your understanding on how energy and consciousness work at a collective/non-local level. Time is given for guided practice sessions to gain comfort with the increased energy. Be ready to expand your awareness! Students will become Second Degree Reiki Practitioners and earn a Reiki Level Two Certificate upon completion of this class.

Are You Ready to advance to Level Two?

Here are a few questions for the Reiki Level One student to ask themselves before moving on to Reiki Level Two:

  • Can you feel when Reiki is channeled?
  • Do you have a general understanding of Reiki?
  • Do you use Reiki on a regular basis?
  • How often do you conduct self-treatments?
  • How important is it for you to learn the objectives listed below?
  • Are you clear about your reasons for wanting to become a Reiki Level Two practitioner?

Class Objectives

  • Learn the energy levels of the body
  • Learn the Reiki Two symbols, meanings, and their applications
  • Attunement/initiation to perform Second Degree Reiki
  • Learn and perform sending Reiki at a distance
  • Learn/practice how each symbol feels and works
  • Learn/practice intuitive techniques of sensing & working with energy: Kenyoku Ho (cleansing), Byosen (scanning), Reiji-Ho (intuition/guidance), chakra balancing, etheric surgery (removing toxic residue)
  • Perform group healing
  • The 21-day cleanse

You will receive:

  • Reiki Level Two attunement
  • Two Reiki symbols
  • Confidence in completing a Reiki session on yourself and others from a distance
  • Confidence in completing a Reiki treatment of the different energy levels/bodies using intuitive techniques
  • A Reiki Level Two Certificate

Level 2 Prerequisites: Reiki Level One. If you received your Level One training from another teacher, please provide a copy of your certificate and/or your teacher’s contact information.

Cost / energy exchange: $200

This includes a guidebook, a Reiki Level Two certificate, an allergen-friendly pot luck meal as well as drinks and snacks.

Students are asked bring a dish to share and to wear comfortable clothing.


A $50 deposit is due in advance to register and reserve your spot.

To register for a class, you may:

  • email me at [email protected],
  • call me at 414-617-9500,
  • or click the button below to pay the $50 deposit online. You will be registered automatically.