I can honestly say that I am… was a doubter on this type of healing. A few weeks ago after battling a couple days of bad headaches, I was encouraged to try Twin Palms Healing. I was amazed and relieved at how much better I felt after my session. This instance has definitely changed my opinion of the method and I’m certain I will visit Twin Palms Healing again.

Jason E. Kern

I went to Twin Palms healing for my first Reiki experience. Jilon was amazing. She helped move my energy, release blockages and I felt connected to wholeness again. She shared helpful information with me about what was happening and took her time getting to know a little about me and my needs. I’ll definitely go back and highly recommend her. Thanks, Jilon!

Rachel Pixie

Jilon’s reiki treatment was a pleasing, intriguing experience I will never forget!

Back in the summer of 2016, I fractured my toe while playing soccer and Jilon suggested to me that I see her for energy healing. I saw her 8 times over a 3-week period. This was my first energy healing experience. She instinctively went to the area on my foot I was having trouble with; every time she put her hands on my foot I felt the healing vibes – it was a tingling feeling and my foot felt lighter. The sessions definitely helped me recover faster than I had imagined.

Jilon is extremely warm, friendly and compassionate so, if you are ever thinking about energy healing and aren’t entirely sure about it, you should go see Jilon. Your doubts will disappear!

Nishant Vatsal